EURLYAID Newsletter September 2018


17th September 2018                                                                         


Dear Eurlyaid members and colleagues,


As we announced a few weeks ago on October 10, in Kharkiv.we will have our general  assembly. We hope we can welcome you all.


Hereby we sent the agenda for this meeting

In your conference program there will be information in what room the meeting will be.

Please note that an important aspect of this meeting will be elections for the new Board and voting for revised Eurlyaid statutes.



1)      Report about the last year:

• Ana Serrano, chair Eurlyaid, an overview and the future

• Noor van Loen, treasurer Eurlyaid, financial overview.

• Questions and answers and approval of the financial report.


2)      Exoneration of the actual board


3)      Elections:

-          Approval of the new members (Since October 2015) as active members (Art. 23)

       A list of all new members will be available in the meeting room.

-          Proposal  of a member (who him-/herself will not be candidate) to be the president of the elections procedure

-          Collection of proposals as candidates for the board (note: the board will decide later about the functions of the board members - Art. 32 -)

Presentation of those candidates by themselves who are not on the list of candidates yet.

-          Procedure of polling: Each active member has one vote (Art. 25) – Members can have a “ written power” from an Eurlyaid member (Art. 26) to vote on their behalf.  This is only possible for 1 other member.

-          Counting of the ballot papers and presentation of the result

-          Approval of the new board


4)      New Eurlyaid Statutes

            - Voting on the revised Eurlyaid statutes

We invite all colleagues present at the conference (or receiving this mail) that are not yet members of Eurlyaid to become members by registering on our site ( www.eurlyaid.eu).

In general the board meets (by skype) ± 7-8 times per year. In between there are (skype) meetings by  board members to work on topics or projects. During our annual conferences we meet in person and work for some hours or days, depending on what is possible and needed.  Tasks and topics are divided and board members work individually on them in between meetings.


Best regards from the Eurlyaid board



-          Mandate letter

-          List of and information about (new) candidates