Společnost pro ranou péči and The European Association on Early Childhood Intervention Eurlyaid invite you to an international conference:

May 15-16, 2023 Vienna House Diplomat Prague, Czech Republic


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Registration will be open on November 15th,2022


After Online Conference on the 24.02.2022:

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Main Topics

The health disadvantage or disability of a child is not a self-standing factor, it affects the whole family as a system as well as other relations with the environment. An unexpected situation is easier for a family to cope with once the help is provided in time. Equally important is professional cooperation and coherence. Early childhood intervention as a discipline is in its deepest essence interdisciplinary. It stands on the border of several self-educated disciplines – medicine, social work, pedagogy and psychology. And is most effective and meaningful when professionals cooperates together across different disciplines and resorts.

Three main topics will be intertwined across the conference:

1.Methodological theme – practice, development, research

The aim is to share good practice, best practices in working with children and families, and to familiarize with the outcomes of research in the field of care for families with children with disabilities. Experts and parents will receive up-to-date practical and theoretical information and experience, new concepts and researches applied to the field of early childhood intervention from domestic and foreign experts.

2.Multidisciplinary theme

The aim is to identify possibilities of cooperation across disciplines and anchoring of early childhood intrevention in the system of care for children with disabilities and their families. To learn new trends of interdisciplinary cooperation and their benefits for families and professionals.

3.Parental theme

Parents are the best teachers for their children. An important topic is to strengthen the role of parents – parents will learn about their daily life, share good practice, learn about the outcomes of research in the field of care for children with disabilities.