Two-week-workshop (with symposium and exhibition) to design and develop innovative toys for people with and without disabilities

from 14th to 28th January, 2019 in Berlin

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The participants will be in close contact with people with disabilities, learning directly and practically from their skills and needs, and taking along this inspiration into the toy development process in the workshop.

Persons with different professional backgrounds are invited to apply: designers, toy experts, therapists, teachers working with disabled children, psychologists, facilitators and carers as well as students of different disciplines…

The participants will come from different countries and continents. Their encounter will offer different views on function and production of toys, on handicaps and special needs, on inclusion and participation. Living and working together allows the possibility of exchanging thoughts and of mutually including ideas from different cultural backgrounds into the development of toys.

The deadline for submitting the application is 17th September, 2018.