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Eurlyaid – The European Association on Early Childhood Intervention (EAECI) is a participative association of persons, interested in issues of early childhood intervention as well as a working party made up of representatives of parents’ associations, professionals and researchers, from various countries of the European Union.


Early Intervention for Children with Developmental Disabilities: Manifesto of the Eurlyaid Working Party

Department of Special Education, Catholic University, PO Box 9103, 6500 HD Nijmegen, The Netherlands; 
published in: International Journal of Rehabilitation Research 16, 23-31 (1993) 

Eurlyaid is a working party of the European Community (EC). It consists of experts and representatives of parents’ associations from the various member states involved in early intervention for children who are disabled or at risk of developmental disabilities. Starting from the growing recognition of the importance of early identification and intervention Eurlyaid aims to contribute to the development of a common EC policy and legislation. Here we describe a comprehensive framework for early intervention, presented as a preliminary manifesto. First of all the Manifesto gives a definition of key concepts, delineates the target group and states the rationale behind, and the content, of early intervention. Secondly, we present the conditions and demands necessary to attain the best quality early intervention, and make a number of recommendations. With an EC grant, Eurlyaid is able to continue its activities as part of ALEFPA-Europe, a so-called non-governmental organization (NGO).

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Innovative toys for people with and without disabilities – 2 weeks workshop

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ECI Conference Ukraine 2018 -Kharkiv

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VIFF – Symposium Early Intervention March 2019

German Federation for Early Intervention (VIFF) 14th – 16th March 2019 XX. Symposium Early Intervention at the University of Leipzig, Germany Congress-language: German, one English session with 4 presentations with invited international guests Leading theme...
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2nd international meeting in Merida – Spain

2nd international meeting in Merida, Spain October 15th and 16th 2018 Update and research on ECI and child development, recommended practices            ...
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