EURLYAID Newsletter February 2018


Dear Members

 In this newsletter you will find the first update of the start of a new EU project:

Project Partners: Spastic Children’s Foundation of Turkey (Turkiye Spastik Cocuklar Vakfi), University of Minho-Portugal, Praxis Europe CIC- United Kingdom, Gazi Universitesi-Turkey, Ankara, Engelli  Yasli Hizmetleri Genel Mudurlugu, Turkey, Eskişehir, Associação de Paralisia Cerebral de Braga, Portugal, Eurlyaid, Luxembourg.

January 2018, 18 and 19th  kick-off in Istanbul.

Welcome by Mrs. Nigar Evgin

Introduction to the organisation of the coordinator by Burak Keskin :

Spastic Children’s Foundation of Turkey (TSCV): how it was established and its roles and responsibilities. The foundation provides education and rehabilitation of young people with Cerebral Palsy. The foundation provides family consultation, after care centre, sports facilities, special education school support. It also fund raises to support families’ access services.

The special education and rehabilitation centre provides:

●Physical Therapy 

●Group training 


●Sensory integration

●Special education

●Neuro development therapy

Schools are provided education services for mild mental conditions as kindergarten and primary and for moderate and severe conditions as primary and elementary. The Foundation helps families with financial assistance if needed through the Family consulting centre, which provides:

●Early intervention unit 

●Baby’s at risk support 

●Family intervention 

● Physiological consultation 

This project is to help address and support the need for early intervention of children with Cerebral Palsy. For the foundation it is important that learning from the project helps to improve the lives of young people and families and to influence governmental policy.


All partners presented their organisations and by doing so making clear their knowledge, experiences and possible contributions to the project.

Both days offered the opportunity to get to know each other in person, discuss and work on the project goals and outcomes and the way cooperation and communication will work most efficient and productive. A pleasant and productive atmosphere was created by all and positively emphasised the choice of partners has been well made.

A tour around the organisation:


Results of the project have to include:

1) Creation of a curriculum

 2) Publish training materials 

3) Multilingual learning platform

4) Published intellectual outputs  and

5) Training Activities 

Intellectual Outputs:

01: Country Status Reports:

Country reports will be prepared in a template format with key criteria fixed. Each country will produce their reports. 01 will be led by Gazi University.

02: Play Based and Family Centred Early Intervention Approach Curriculum & Training Course Content:

During the meeting partners discussed IO2 and its content. This will now be revised and circulated for further comments.

03: establishing an Online Learning Platform:

The tool will need to be visual, obviously language/translation may be an issue - this will be considered and discussed at the second meeting, June 2018 in Portugal.

04: Comparative Report: 

- System differences, - Best Practices, - Implementation, - Case studies, - Use of country reports and template to capture info

We will keep you informed about the progress.  You also can follow us on our Facebook page: Eurlyaid-EAECI