German Federation for Early Intervention (VIFF)
14th – 16th March 2019 XX. Symposium Early Intervention
at the University of Leipzig, Germany

Congress-language: German, one English session with 4 presentations with invited international guests

Leading theme “Participation – Ways and Aims in Early Intervention”

The issue is about participation in early intervention, integrating new approaches and the dialogue about actual challenges, development of actual needs and affordances.

□ 1. Participation: let the child and family decide competently

□ 2. Participation: Thinking, feeling, acting

□ 3. Communicate and reflect on participation in the team

□ 4. Structuring participation interdisciplinary

□ 5. Define, measure and evaluate participation

□ 6. View on participation internationally

More information you can find on the german congress homepage in June 2018