(Turkey, Nether­lands, Ger­many, Aus­tria and Eurlyaid)

The project has been designed to pro­vide access to edu­ca­tion for stu­dents who can­not go to school because of their hand­i­caps. The main basis of our project is to enable the stu­dents with dis­abil­i­ties who can­not attend school lessons to fol­low their lessons along with the oth­er stu­dents through remote access and the dig­i­tal ser­vices. Thus, the effect of inequal­i­ty which dis­abled stu­dents have expe­ri­enced when they are deprived of edu­ca­tion will be reduced to a min­i­mum and will be helped them to have the same edu­ca­tion­al out­comes with their peers.


Kick off meet­ing was in Ankara on 18–19 Dec.,2015

2nd meet­ing: The meet­ing will be in Utrecht as the office of BOSK is sit­u­at­ed in that city on 26–27 May,2016.

3rd meet­ing: The meet­ing will  be in Ham­burg, at the Uni­vesi­ty con­fer­ence room on 1th and 2nd of Decem­ber, 2016.