(Turkey, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Eurlyaid)

The project has been designed to provide access to education for students who cannot go to school because of their handicaps. The main basis of our project is to enable the students with disabilities who cannot attend school lessons to follow their lessons along with the other students through remote access and the digital services. Thus, the effect of inequality which disabled students have experienced when they are deprived of education will be reduced to a minimum and will be helped them to have the same educational outcomes with their peers.


Kick off meeting was in Ankara on 18-19 Dec.,2015

2nd meeting: The meeting will be in Utrecht as the office of BOSK is situated in that city on 26-27 May,2016.

3rd meeting: The meeting will  be in Hamburg, at the Univesity conference room on 1th and 2nd of December, 2016.


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19. May 2016