Subject: Update on 2025 Conference in Lisbon, Portugal

Dear ISEI and Eurlyaid Members,

As you know, the 2025 International Society on Early Intervention (ISEI) conference will be held in partnership with the European Association on Early Childhood Intervention (Eurlyaid). Our 4-day conference in Lisbon, Portugal (September 2-5,2025) will be hosted by the University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE). ISCTE is a leader in international activities and maintains conference facilities ideal for large meetings designed to facilitate exchanges of ideas, present new research findings, and advance societal goals.

Our Conference Planning Committee is in the process of developing our conference website which will list critical dates for abstract submission and registration. The website will also contain information about the process for submitting abstracts for papers, posters, and symposia. A list of topical areas is attached that has helped us organize the program for previous ISEI conferences. As in the past, feel free to go beyond these areas and submit abstracts for topics that you believe are critical to our field.

The Scientific Program Committee, co-chaired by Mary Beth Bruder and Ana Maria Serrano, will be focusing on ways to address the diverse aspects of our conference theme: “Advancing Comprehensive Early Childhood Intervention”. They will soon begin the process of recruiting Committee members to assist in conducting the vital task of peer reviews. The conference will also be supported by the Local Organizing Committee, chaired by Ana Maria Serrano, Noor van Loen and Luis Capucha, with members from ISCTE, ANIP, SNIPI, University Minho, University Aveiro, ISPA-Lisbon, University of Évora, University of Porto. Further details of their activities will be found on the conference website.

We are also pleased to note that our Pre-conference Workshop on September 2, chaired by Mary Beth, will present innovative approaches for personnel preparation programs developed in North America that have international significance. In addition, our Opening Session on September 3, chaired by Ana Maria Serrano, will focus on the rationale and key elements of the Guidebook for Professionals, it’s historical development within Portugal and it’s dissemination by Eurlyaid, as it provides a critical resource for comprehensive community practices.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Lisbon, and please feel free to share the attached conference flyer with colleagues.

Best regards, also on behalf of ISCTE,

Mary Beth Bruder, Mike Guralnick, Ana Maria Serrano, Noor Van Loen
Co-Chairs, Conference Planning Committee
Possible Conference Topics
Caregiver-Child Interaction
Cerebral Palsy
Children’s Rights
Communication Disorders
Cultural Issues
Curriculum Innovations
Developmental Processes
Developmental Screening
Down Syndrome
Evaluation and Accountability
Evidence-Based Practice
Early Neurodevelopment
Family Support and Partnerships
Family capacity building
Fragile X Syndrome
High Risk Children
Home Visiting
Institutional Care and Deinstitutionalization
Language & Communication
Mental Health
Multiple Disabilities
Music Therapy
Peer Relations
Preservice Personnel Preparation
Preterm Children
Policy Development
Professional Development
Sensory and Motor Impairments
Service Coordination
Service Delivery Models
Social Emotional Development
Mentoring and Supervision
Systems and Policy
Trauma, Abuse, and Neglect
Team Process
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