EURLYAID Actions for Members 2018


Dear Members

We are in the process of updating our website to make it easier for members to navigate.  In the past we have stored a wide range of documents on the website, including conference presentations, policy documents and research articles as well as our own documents.  However, in the new age of Open Access which makes many of these documents more freely available, we would like to focus on documents that relate directly to Eurlyaid for the website.  At the same time, we intend to identify useful websites and resources for members which we will endeavour to provide links to.  If there are any websites that you think we should include, please let us know. We may also occasionally highlight research of interest (for example research undertaken by members or affiliated associations).

For the reasons stated above, all existing documents will be deleted from the website at the end of this year (2017) with the exception of Eurlyaid documents and others mentioned above.

Therefore if there are any documents currently stored on the website that you would like to download, please do so before 31st January 2018.

Please send any suitable website links and information on ECI to admin@eurlyaid.eu. We will proof them and put them on website. If you are involved in or know of any research that you think would be of interest to members, please send us the following details:

• Project title

• Country/countries involved

• The beginning and end dates of the project

• Project goal

• Target group

• Details of the project including aims, questions and methods

• The contact person for the project


Member database

We are in the process of updating our website and in so doing we have identified that we do not have full details of all of our members.  This makes it difficult for us to contact members with important information.

We therefore request that members visit the website to ensure that we have a full and accurate profile, include full name, email address, telephone number and organisation (where applicable) and other fields of interest. 

On the webpage member list there will be only be Name and Nickname Country and Email Address. For other visitors of the webpage your personal data will not presented on the members page you can choose, if some data will be presented per example the telephone numbers.  

Where we do not have a full set of information, or information appears to be a pseudonym, we will delete the entry.  This is because of the difficulty in managing large numbers of invalid member entries.