EURLYAID Newsletter October 2017


Dear Members

Welcome to our October Newsletter which brings highlights from the recent Eurlyaid Conference held in Serbia which had an overarching theme of:

Early Childhood Intervention: for meeting sustainable development goals of the new millennium

The conference was held from 6 – 8 October at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Belgrade.  There were plenary lectures, parallel sessions, workshops and poster presentations on a wide variety of topics of interest in the field of Early Childhood Intervention.

On Day 1, officials from the University of Belgrade opened the conference, following which there were plenary lectures. During the opening, Noor Van Loen talked about her position on EASPD’s board.

Noor Van Loen

The first plenary lecture given by Marilyn Espe-Scherwindt on the topic of “What science tells us about our work with families in early childhood intervention.” Marilyn stressed the importance of understanding the messages from social neuroscience about relationships between parents and children and also between parents and professionals.

Following this Ana Maria Serrano talked about “Early Childhood Inclusion: Strengthening the Foundations of Lifelong Learning.” She emphasised the role of adults so adults in early childhood education in understanding and evaluating child functioning within natural contexts and routines and that families are the most important partners in this process and their active participation is essential.


Marilyn Espe-Scherwindt

Ana Maria Serrano

Carolyn Blackburn discussed research she had undertaken with parents of children born prematurely.  Carolyn’s research found that parents need more information about the possible long-term implications of premature birth and that parents would like the early childhood workforce to be more informed about the socio-emotional, health and psychological impact of premature birth on infants and parents.

Britta Gebhard (below) talked about “Participation as an Ultimate Goal for Early Intervention Services.”  She stressed in our days, there is a lack of participation measurements for young children and the context conditions in which they develop. She illustrated the underlying theoretical concept of participation from an international discursive perspective and its implication for goal setting and diagnostic processes in early intervention services.

On Day 2, there were presentations on Early childhood intervention in Ukraine, The Karlstad model; family centered language intervention in the Nordic countries, general information about early childhood system in the Czech republic, situation analysis of early intervention in republic of Serbia, Presentation of European Association of service Providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD) followed by workshops.

Vasilka Dimoska, EASPD

There were many presentations from Eurlyaid members including Ana Serrano/Marga Cañadas, Tania Boavida, Carolyn Blackburn and Ena C. Heimdal

Ena Caterina Heimdahl, Eurlyaid Member below

On Friday evening, Eurlyaid held their General assambly which was attended from registered members across Europe:

The previous years’ activities were discussed, financial accounts were presented and new and future projects were discussed.  All information relating to the meeting can be found in our annual report which will be placed on the website.

In addition, proceedings from the conference can be found on our website.

An interview with Full Professor, PhD Snezana Nikolic, Dean, Conference Presiden can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvQc-GKvfj0#action=share

We also celebrated a very special 65th Birthday for a long-standing Eurlyaid and Board member: