EURLYAID Newsletter July 2017


This Newsletter focuses on two important developments for Eurylaid that we would like to inform members about:

• Announcement of our next General Assembly

• Report on the development of a project in Ukraine


• 1.      Announcement of our next General Assembly

The next General Assembly will take place at the Eurlyaid conference in Belgrade:

Early Childhood Intervention: For meeting sustainable development goals of the new millennium, Belgrade-Serbia: October 6-8th 2017 University of Belgrade – Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation. 

The General Assembly will take place on Friday 6th October from 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm.  Further details of the conference can be found here. Eurlyaid Conference 2017.  We would like all members of Eurlyaid to attend and look forward to seeing you there. An agenda will be forwarded to all members in due course.

• 2.      Report on the development of our project in Ukraine

Eurlyaid is, since 2016, involved in an ECI project in Ukraine (please see http://www.eurlyaid.eu/projects/).

During the activities projects and initiatives on ECI by other parties were also started. The second half of 2016 and in 2017 we came in contact with them:

-          Unicef Ukraine: initiating, together with the National Assembly of Disabled People of Ukraine ,  to establish the Memorandum of Understanding to realise the 2017-2020 Action Plan of the Cabinet of Ministers, signed in December 2016, on designing a national ECI-system

-          HealthProm-UK: a EU-project to support, help organise and train parents in their role as “advocates”.

-          Twinning: an ECI project on governmental level with France

To all it was clear cooperation and alignment is important to ensure these substantial projects and developments come to flourish.

Beside the activities in the project we are in, it meant we had many contacts with coordinators and other key figures within those projects.

Some results:

-          We became co-signer of the Memorandum of understanding, April 2017

-          We contributed to a meeting of parents in Kharkov, December 2016

-          We had 2 working meetings within the project we are partner in in September 2016 and April 2017.

-          working groups that will research and concept national vision documents on identified essential topics were, in close cooperation with the Ukraine partners,  formed:


1)  analysis of (international) legislation and

2)  cost benefit analysis

3)  quality standards of ECI services

4)  screening and diagnostic instruments

5)  key ECI principles/terminology

6)  scientific/research + developments in the field of ECI


-          a topic with special attention and “a work in progress” is the request and possibility to deliver training for professionals by the Portuguese Eurlyaid partners.

-          Eurlyaid offered to organise its 2018 annual conference (in autumn)

in Ukraine. It’s “proof” of the willingness to all cooperate all partners accepted including the Ministries, Unicef and Twinning. First steps have been taken: the organising committee had 2 skype meetings. The scientific committee is in the process of being formed.

Kiev 2016- september, the 1th meeting excelled in staying focussed and was inspirational. As was the food. We worked hard.

2017, April 7th Marga Canadas, boardmember of Eurlyaid, signed the Memorandum in advance because we could not be present at the official meeting.

The second, inspirational working meeting, Kiev, April 3-7th

May 11th, 2017, the first meeting at the Ministry of Health in Kiev, Ukraine, was held following the signing of the Memorandum in April 2017. Eurlyaid received its official Memorandum document from mrs Yana Kogut, MoH and leader of the meeting.

For some additional information see:



And the website of: the National Organisation for Persons with a Disability 

On the following FB page impressions about the parent project can be found:


We will inform you about further developments and progress. 

EASPD collaboration

As mentioned in our newsletter February 2016, the Eurlyaid Board has formed a collaborative and cooperative agreement with European Association of Service Providers for persons with Disabilities (EASPD)


Following that initial collaboration we were elected in the EASPD board in January 2017 as one of the co-opt board members. Noor van Loen, board member of Eurlyaid, is executing that position and vice chair of the Interest Group on ECI within EASPD. Chair is Vasilka Dimoska.

January 2017 there was a meeting of the InterestGroup in Zagreb:

We established the people present at that meeting as “core group”. This group will take responsibility to commit to the development of the InterestGroup:

-          To identify the main topics and activities for the Interest Group

-          Construct a work plan and timeframe

-          Initiate projects.

From august 2016 until March 2017 we established to submit a project proposal at
Velux foundation:

The proposal consists on an innovative pilot initiative developed in 5 Central and Eastern (CEE) countries (Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria) addressed to overcome the challenges in the implementation of strategies to develop adequate Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) systems for children with disabilities. Why “AGORA”?

• We want to create an all-embracing learning and convening space to bring together essential actors to co-produce high quality ECI services

• We want to produce practical guidance and tools to provoke a systemic change on the social welfare system by improving the legal and policy frameworks at European, national and/or regional levels

• We want to develop examples that can serve as inspiring guidelines for other countries in Europe and other groups of children with special needs or at risk of exclusion (such as children with Roma or migrant background).

 By august 2017 we will receive the outcome on this application and inform you.

Intention is to submit an EU project beginning of 2018. As soon as a concept proposal is available we will share it with the members of the Interest Group and continue working on it with their support.


EASPD-EUSE “employment for all”, first world conference supported employment, Belfast, 2017, June 14-17th.

We kindly request you to look at the facebook page for an impression of the conference:

Conference Facebook Page

Noor van Loen attended this conference and, together with Vasilka Dimoska, led the meeting of the Interestgroup. Known and new participants came to the meeting. Information about the core-group, plans and project plans were shared and discussed.

The next meeting will be at the EASPD conference in Montenegro, 25-27 October 2017.