Dear Eurlyaid members and colleagues !

Conferences and Trainings in Cooperation with UNICEF happend in 2022/23:

Bulgaria November 2022

The group of colleagues we trained during the first week of November 2022 consisted of colleagues from ECI teams, Universities, and pediatricians. Some of them had already been in online training we delivered before but joined this time the in-person training. Our colleagues from the board -Snezana Ilic and Marga Canadas joined us too.
It might sound “repetitive” but we noticed clearly: always the colleagues participating in these trainings always come with creative and positive energy which creates beautiful discussions and supports the process for the “shift in paradigm”. Intense working days that benefit the work the Bulgarian colleagues are doing in ECI with families and are pleasant to do for us too!
Besides the training, we are supporting a group of universities in creating a curriculum for ECI courses. First meetings online but during upcoming visits we will meet them.
We also would like to share with you a video one of the colleagues made with UNICEF about ECI practice:

Conference Montenegro Nov 2022

During the second week of November on request of UNICEF we participated in a conference in Podgorica-Montenegro. Beside this there was a visit to a university and a meeting with a group of parents. The insights,tendencies and plans to change the system in Montenegro to a modern ECI system are very positive. We hope we can support and contribute in the near future if wished for by our colleagues.

Training Montenegro May 2023-Kotor

From 3-6. Of May early intervention training (first part) may have been realized. The trainers were: prof. dr Ana Serrano, Portugal, dr Marilyn Espe-Sherwindt, USA, Noor Van Leon, Netherlands, prof. dr Snezana Ilic Srbija. In these days, the training covered the following topic: Philosophy of family-oriented early intervention through all components of system support. 35 participants participated in the training.
During the 18th and 19th of May, the second part of the training on early intervention was carried out.
From May 24, supervisors contacted teams and formed viber groups with them, and team meetings and group supervision began. Supervision at this moment is still ongoing. Teams from both locations are working on recording interviews, changing roles in interviews, and at the same time creating individual support plans (sending them to supervisors for analysis).
In the period between June 13 and 16, a horizontal exchange and supervision of the training participants was carried out (videos were watched and the interviews conducted were analyzed). Also, in these days, the third part of the training was realized, which covered two topics: Individual family support plan and Transition.

Conference and Training Moldova, Dec 2023:

On Thursday, 30 November 2023, Eurlyaid Consultants Jose Boavida and Marilyn Espe-Sherwindt were keynote speakers at the International Conference on Early Childhood Intervention in Chisinau, Moldova.
The conference was sponsored by the Republic of Moldova Ministry of Health, UNICEF, and National Institute of Early Childhood Intervention. Jose spoke about the Portuguese experience in shifting from a medical approach to an integrated national system, and Marilyn spoke about the role of quality standards in ECI.
On Friday Jose and Marilyn were invited to meet with representatives from UNICEF, Government Ministries, WHO, the National Institute of Early Childhood Intervention, local organizations, the RISE Institute, and members of the Moldovan Parliament to discuss their vision and progress in building and sustaining a national system of ECI. Eurlyaid is honored by such opportunities to be involved in sharing knowledge with and learning from countries who are committed to creating high quality ECI systems for their young children and their families.
Best regards from the Eurlyaid board
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