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Eurlyaid Newsletter September 2022 Update Prague Conference 2022

Dear friends and colleagues!

Intention was to send you this Update immediate after the online conference, February 2022.
As many of you know: the day we had our online conference was also the day the war in Ukraine started. Some of our Ukrainian colleagues nevertheless were online in the conference. In multiple sense we were speechless.
We feel deep respect: both for our colleagues presenting and involved in the conference being able to proceed and to the Ukrainian colleagues able to be with us.
The period after the conference was intense and our focus was for a large part towards the situation in Ukraine.
But we do feel we owe you the information about the conference.
Please read the report below.

Online Conference in Prag on 24th of February 2022 - Summary

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811 people registered for the conference and 503 logged in at least for a while. The participants represented 32 countries.
The Eurlyaid international online conference was attended by more than 500 colleagues from all over the world
On 24 February 2022, experts from across Europe and overseas joined us in a conference on zoom to share contributions on current challenges in early childhood intervention and then discuss with representatives of the European Association on Early childhood intervention, Eurlyaid. Interested in a conference called „Early Childhood intervenntion - Ready for the Future? Visions and challenges“, organized by the Society for Early Childhood intervention Czech republic, attracted many colleagues. The presentations and the subsequent discussion were watched by 500+ colleagues.
The conference opening keynote was by Tim Moore, Australia's leading expert on ECI and child development His presentation focused on the selection and use of effective strategies in the support of families with children with disabilities using the evidence based approach, which connects current scientific findings with the experiences of ECI workers and with the current and individual needs of a specific child and the family. During the discussion after all presentations Tim Moore mentioned specific observations about the current system of support for families with children with disabilities, as it is currently set up in Australia.
Link to the presentation of Tim Moore:

Jitka Barlová, director of the Prague branch of the Society for ECI and member of the board of the European Association on Early Childhood Intervention, spoke about how the support of families with children with disabilities in the Czech Republic was transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Her lecture was complemented by Petra Mertlová, head and ECI practitioner of the same organisation, with an interview with Lucía Yalcindag, who is raising a daughter with a rare disease. Mrs. Yalcindag shared her personal experience with early care and summarized how the pandemic situation affected the life of the family. In his introduction, Siegfried Holzschuster described the work and activities carried in the latest years by Eurlyaid, concerning professional development in Eastern European Countries with the support of organizations such as UNICEF and OPEN Society Foundation and Erasmus.
The subsequent discussion brought a number of observations to the transformation of early childhood intervention in various European countries, as well as to the further direction of this support service. It was also attended by the deputy public defender of the law, Magdalena Paulusová, and the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Marian Jurečka, apologized for the government's actions regarding the war conflict in Ukraine.
Participants from all over the world greatly appreciated the possibility of at least a virtual meeting. "Online conferences Ready for the future? Vision and Challenges was a great opportunity for an international meeting of ECI practitoners. Warm greetings in the conference chat, numerous questions to the speakers and subsequent reactions from all over the world showed how ECI is a lively field and how important it is to share experiences with each other. We look forward to meet everyone, hopefully in person, at the Eurlyaid conference in Prague on the 15th-16th. May 2023," with these words Jitka Barlová closed the conference.
The conference was held under the auspices of the European Association of Early Childhood Intervention EURLYAID, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic and with the support of the Abakus foundation fund.

This conference was a preliminairy event to the conference in Prague, May 2023.

Announcements will follow..
Board of Eurlyaid.
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