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Meeting of Erasmus+ Project 2017-1-TR01_ KA202-046189
July 8th -11th, 2019 the 5th project meeting in Ankara

Dear members,

This newsletter brings information about one of our funded projects: Project: 2017-1-TR01-KA202-046189
A description of background and goals of the project can be found on:
July 8th -11th, 2019 the 5th project meeting took place in Ankara.
It also was the 3th (and last) time each partner was accompanied by 2 physiotherapists as “critical friends”, to assess the online training modules that have been concepted over the last year.
Our coordinator, Burak Keskin, from Spastic Children's Foundation of Turkey (Turkiye Spastik Cocuklar Vakfi) could not join due to his military duty. He was (well) substituted by his colleagues.
It was a special joy to have Bϋlent Elbasan, from Gazi University, back in our meeting after his recovery from the train accident in December 2019 in Ankara.
On July 8th, the first day of the meeting we had module review sessions:
All feedback, comments, suggestions, given by multiple colleagues in between the meetings in the online tool, plus the alterations that had been done on basis of those comments, have been reviewed and discussed.
Final versions will be ready by the end of July for editing and translation. The project website will be online soon.
We worked and concentrated because it was a lot but…. a tasteful lunch and at the end of the day a gorgeous dinner were our reward.

July 9th, the second day we focussed on the upcoming pilot training and last project meeting ánd the closing symposium:
Organisation of the 2 pilot training days, goals for the symposium, contents of the program, organisation and announcements, additional trainings and all tasks we have to finalise -during the last project meeting- when an EU project ends.
Dates for this last meeting:
October 14 and 15th pilot training, 16 and 17 final project meeting, 18th symposium and 19th extra workshops.

July 10 and 11th, third and fourth day, were for the mobility group, but we – partly- joined:
all physiotherapists visited multiple organisations in Ankara:
  • Hacettepe University Department of Ergotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy Center of Hacettepe University
  • Saray Barrier Free Life Centre
  • Gaziler Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Mavi Bilge Special Education and Rehabilitation Clinic
  • Visit to Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services
These visits were impressive and delivered important additional information, each in its own way, for both mobility and project group. It underlined our Turkish partners have chosen well the topic ánd focus of this project and also made clear in a practical way the contributions of all project partners are valuable.

Some impressions:
The meeting at the ministry took place with all physios and the leaders of the ministry:
Dr. Orhan KOÇ, General Director
Ms. Sebiha BAŞARAN, Vice General Director
Mr. Faik YILDIRIM, Vice General Director
Ms. Elçin TENTERİZ, Head of Department of Education, Rehabilitation and Social Inclusion
Ms. Handan ARSLANTAŞ - Social Policy Expert
Dr. Orhan KOÇ and his colleagues asked many questions to explain and inform them on the current state of ECI in other European countries and they explained to us some of the arrangements Turkey has for families and their children and adults with disabilities. During this meeting we expressed the idea – which was already discussed the day before- to focus on a further project that will continue to focus on physiotherapist and expand and train in-depth using the modules we have created in the current project. This idea was welcomed by Gazi University.
During the last meeting, October 2019 in Istanbul we will decide on this. To be continued.
After that meeting we will inform you again.
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