4th December 2018

Dear Eurlyaid members and colleagues,

news about Eurlyaid international conference Kharkiv, October 2018, 10-12

The conference took place and brought together aprox. 300+ persons from 30 different countries: from South-Africa, Australia to Brazil.
The organising- and scientific committees that have been formed to prepare the conference exist of representatives of all partners. In good cooperation they decided on title and contents for the conference program:
Early Childhood Intervention: changing paradigms through participatory practices with families, professionals and society. in total 60+ parents have been able to attend the conference also due to financial support from OSF, the British Embassy and HealthProm. The parents played an important role, both in presenting ( opening keynote and other presentations), open gathering of the meeting of the National Parents Platform during the conference, interviews and a short tv-documentary.Both during and after the conference (for instance on FaceBook, see links) we received many reactions: the information presented at the conference, the contacts during the conference and the expectations they have on impact and their future work were overwhelming positive. What has been said concerning the parents can be repeated for the professionals: the presentations and workshops during the conference were received with great approval and delivered new information and visions, professionals stated. The conference was organized in cooperation with the current Twinning project: the ministries of Health, Social Affairs and Education are involved and therefor present at the conference. During the conference there was a plenary panel discussion of the Twinningproject and a separate open Twinning panel discussion to look at results so far. Many of the co - organising Ukraine institutes were present at those meetings as they are involved in this project and shared information about progress and plans for the (Twinning project) future. We understood more (and specific) attention for (cooperation with) parents was one of the important overall results of attending the conference. the following topics for presentations/workshops were identified:
• ECI: from institutions to community based-services
• ECI: from paternalistic/expert approach towards family-centered practices and empowerment
• ECI: from unequal parent/professional relationships to partnership
  • ECI: from isolation to social inclusion
  • ECI: from center-based towards natural environment
  • ECI: From good practices to ECI systems of care
  • ECI: From “fixing the child” to everyday quality of life (evidence-based).
  • ECI: Professional development and teamwork
  • ECI: Screening and assessment
  • ECI: Developing Individualized Family Centered Services (IFSP, RBI, Ecomaps, functional goals etc.)

In total we received 70+ abstracts. Only a few had to be rejected for quality reasons.
Presentations delivered at the conference: ± 52
Posterpresentations ± 15

2 by Karen Treisman on the topic “trauma”
1 by Ruud Wong Chung and Oleksandra Khvorostenko on the topic “from physical therapist to coach”
1 by Ena Heimdahl on eating problems “ not everybody likes ice-cream”
1 by Marilyn Espe-Sherwindt on “creating a plan with families, building partnerships, building self-efficacy, building resilience, building hope”.
1 by Hollie Hix-Small and Olena Bliznjuk on “routine based interview”.

There was a panel discussion on “building a national ECI system in Georgia” led by mrs. Emily Vargas.

There were 3 symposia: 1 on parents, 1 on communication and 1 on historical background with focus on position children and families in Ukrain.

There have been the following keynotes:
Yaroslava Nikanshyn, Marilyn Espe-Sherwindt, Tetyana Mishchuk and Noor van Loen, opening keynote.
mrs Emily Vargas-Baron on behalf of Open Society Foundation
mr Carl Dunst by PowerPoint with sound because unfortunately he had to cancel due to family circumstances.
Naira Avetisyan from UNICEF
mrs.Anna Kukuruza and Anna Kravtsova
mr. José Boavida and mr Philippe Evrard shared the keynote on behalf of Twinning

During the conference recordings and interviews by television and other media were made with parents, conference organizers and some of the keynotes. After the conference many of those interviews were broadcasted on (local) TV and in magazines, on Facebook and websites.

a few links for an impression:
In general the impression of the Eurlyaid board is (also based on all feedback we received):
- keynotes, (poster) presentations and workshops were well chosen, fitted the developments in the recent past and current situation, needs and wishes of all involved in ECI in Ukraine.
- many new and valuable contacts (both between parents and professionals) were created and existing ones reinforced.
- the atmosphere at the conference was very much appreciated: informative, focused, serious and transparent/open, but with space for joy and humor.
Our expectation and wish is the different projects and partners will include outcomes and experiences but the future will tell if our (and their) wish comes true. The situation in Ukraine is an ongoing complex situation with many challenges. We admire the professionals and organizations we are in contact with but don’t envy them. The experiences on governmental level, combined with their national history and the current situation with Russia, creates stress and insecurities.
In case our support is needed or asked we will continue in the best way we can.

During this conference Eurlyaid had its General Assembly and a new board was chosen.
Also the new statues were accepted. Financial accounting was approved by Bridget Fox ( Ireland) and Jurgen Kuhl (Germany).
Monica Ingemarsson from Norway and Britta Gebhard from Germany left the board.
The new board (Mrs Persson, Sweden unfortunately could not join :
Best regards from the Eurlyaid board

Some impresions from the conference:
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